Billionaire Refuses To Pay His Debt Because He Was Forced To Gamble By The Devil

Ace, Spades, Ace Of Spades, Red, BackSafa Abdulla Al Gaebury has refused his debt of £ 2million on the pretext that he gambled because he was forced by the devil.

This is an incident that took place at London’s Ritz. As a reminder, this man is a specialist in real estate and who today weighs 1 billion pounds. It should be noted that the excuse has struggled to pass on the side of the casino which is still waiting to be paid. The case was notably brought to justice and the two parties are awaiting the verdict of the judgment.

The Safa Abdulla Al Gaebury version

These 2 million pounds are the result of a gambling session within the establishment. The events also took place in February 2015. In his version of the facts, Al Gaebury made it clear that this loss of money is not his fault, because at the very beginning of the meeting, the officials have already been warned by the man that he was suffering from a gambling addiction. However, according to his statements and despite the information he provided, another official came to approach him to offer him a loan of 5 million of books. He pretended that Al Gaebury was playing very attractively.

Card Game, Cards, Playing Cards, HeartThe real estate mogul said he gave explanations and said his addiction was already forcing him to limit access to his personal account. However and by insistence he gave in and claimed to have been under the influence of the devil, which is what prompted him to accept the proposal. As a result, the man decided to take the case to justice so that he could be reimbursed for the approximately 5 million pounds he lost within the establishment. It is a question here of the debt accumulated this day and the days before thus giving this totality.

London’s Ritz has a whole different side to the story. The establishment points out that Al Gaebury had an argument with a dealer who banned him from playing. This gesture earned him a ban from the casino. However, this was only short-lived, as the site officials finally allowed him to return to the establishment. This time, they made him sign a certificate confirming that he was not an addicted player. But on the top, he began to write “ I’m an addict. I told you and you lend me this money all the same ”.

Since that time, Al Gaebury has also had to think about paying the interest earned on this debt. The amount is 200,000 pounds. It should be noted that this man sleeps on the money, because he owns a residence in London with a total annual rent of 90,000 pounds, he also has a little over 1 billion dollars on his account. The continuation of this case is awaited.